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Make Your Home Runway Ready!

Preparing your home for sale can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. But, even in a seller's market, getting the best offer may take a little preparation. Your agent will provide you with a market analysis and a suggested listing price range, but once you have buyers in the door, you want your home to stand out against the competition. Here are some simple and cost-effective tips:

  1. Declutter! This seems an obvious one but so many sellers fail to do so. A buyers first thought is, 'there isn't enough storage space!'

  2. Remove the majority of family photos. You want the buyer to envision themselves in the home. One

or two is fine, but clear out the other 50 in the hallway.

  1. Pack everything you don't need into moving boxes. Are you selling in summer? Pack away coats the and boots that still litter the entryway in July. Selling in winter? Make sure those window units are taken out. This will give you the jump on that inevitable task and a place to store that clutter and those photos. Buyers know you are moving and filled boxes look better than piles of stuff with no home.

  2. Make sure every space has a purpose. Is there a small room off the living room that functions as office/storage/yoga space? Pick one function and highlight it! Pack up the rest.

  3. Consider putting a few aroma diffusers throughout your home while it's for sale. We tend to become immune to the odors we live with, but buyers will pick them up right away.

  4. Assess the natural light in your home. Do you have blackout shades or heavy drapes? When you have potential buyers coming, make sure all of the curtains and blinds are open. You want that sunlight streaming in.

  5. Take a good hard look around the house. Does it need painting? What about that door you always meant to repair? Could a new shower curtain brighten your bathroom? It might be worth the investment in time and money to bring top dollar for your home.

  6. Don't neglect the outside space. Clean up the yard! Do you have a dog? Don't leave it for prospective buyers to find out! That's not a nice surprise. And, even if you rarely use it, stage your outdoor space so buyers can imagine enjoying it. A few chairs and a table on a front porch can make a great spot for morning coffee. Check or Craigslist for local giveaways!

  7. When you have buyers coming, store that dog and cat food out of sight. Don't make them think about imagined odors or potential damage. We know who's a good boy!

There are lots more great tips out there! Just google it! And good luck with your sale!

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