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Welcome! So you want to buy a home?

Are you a first-time homebuyer? Not sure where to start or what to expect? Check out my free HOMEBUYING 101 Seminar!

Dear Neighbor,

At Thompson Real Estate Team, we're on a mission:


To provide our community with the knowledge and expertise to make informed and intelligent real estate decisions.

This mission is driven into the heart and soul of our organization, and each one of our agents understands and respects the major responsibility they have when they represent you as a home buyer in a transaction. So, congratulations on making your first good decision on your home buying journey by choosing to work with us!

Buying property can be an overwhelming and confusing process. In any given home purchase, you will make many decisions that directly impact your future. You will need to choose a broker/agent, select a lender, choose the type of mortgage that best suits your needs, hire an inspector to use to make sure your future home is safe and durable, work with an attorney to look out for your best interests during the home purchase process, and so on.


To help you make these decisions, we have compiled a trusted vendor list, which can help you answer some of those questions. This list contains professionals that have exceeded expectations for our clients in the past.

Please review my Home Buyer Awareness Guide for the Capital Region, an informational guide to home buying so that you can discover the best ways to find your ideal home, and common mistakes to avoid.


Lastly, you will find a buyer checklist to keep you on track and in the know from offer to closing.

Our buyer packet is designed to keep you informed in your home buying journey.  Use this packet as well as the expertise of your agent to inform your decision making during the course of your home purchase.


Thank you for choosing to support local business by working with Thompson Real Estate Team. I am humbled and grateful every day to be able to operate a business that plays such an important role in the lives of people in our community. If there is anything that I can personally assist you with, please contact me directly.


Best Regards,





Sam Thompson


C. 518.545.4776


Thompson Real Estate Team

430 Franklin Street 2nd Floor
Schenectady, NY 12305

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